We love what we do & we do it with passion!


We have multiple play areas for your pets to play  in with their furry friends.  All of our staff are professionally trained to make sure your pets have the most fun.  They will have the time of their life here at Auntie Ruth’s


Consider it a vacation for both you and your pet! It will be your pet’s home away from home!  All pets that stay overnight with us get to enjoy play time, and at bed time will snore the night away.  We also offer luxury packages.


We offer a variety of training services that you can pick from that will meet you and your dog’s needs.  From puppy class, obedience, to individual training, and adventure classes!  You will not be disappointed and neither will your dog


Whether your dog needs a bath, nail trim, or the works leave it to Auntie Ruth’s to pamper your pooch by our professional groomer!   You can schedule your grooming appointment while your pooch is at doggy daycare or boarding. 

Summer Tips

Keep up with keeping your pet safe!

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Tip 1

Make sure to apply a flea/tick preventative on your pet monthly.  It will help reduce exposure to Lymes Disease as well as potential risk for flea transfer.

Tip 2

Please make sure to keep your pets in cool places, don’t leave them in your car.  Dogs can go into heat stroke in a matter of minutes if left in a hot car.

Tip 3

If you plan on having fireworks over the summer or 4th of July, make sure your dog is inside your home and away from the noise.  They should not be outside as they may be afraid of the noise and run off.  Reports say that there are a lot more missing dog reports around July 4th due to the fireworks.

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